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Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in middle aged dogs. It is defined as an abnormal buildup of fluid inside the eye. The buildup occurs when fluid does not drain properly through a filter between the cornea and sclera. This increase in fluid can destroy the retina and the optic nerve which can quickly cause blindness.


The symptoms of glaucoma are very similar to other eye conditions. The most predominant symptoms include squinting, rubbing the affected eye, redness and lethargy. Be sure to contact your veterinarian should your pet show any signs of irritation to the eye; waiting to treat eye conditions can make the condition worse.


The key to successful treatment is early diagnosis. Here at Chappelle's, any pet that presents for eye concerns will have an eye exam performed. This exam fee will included the exam, a check of the eye pressure using the TonoVet tonometer, a test to check tear production, and staining of the eye to check for ulcers. Should the pressure check find that the eye pressure is above normal, treatments will begin immediately in order to save vision in the affected eye and minimize pain. The objective for initial treatment is to decrease the pressure in the eye. A recheck with the tonometer might be necessary. If this course of action is unsuccessful, surgery may be necessary.